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New Water Infrastructure Project

New Water Infrastructure ProjectNorth Texas and the Upper Trinity Water Regional Water District are set to construct the first new water supply reservoir in decades.  This article demonstrates the time required for planning, permitting, approval, construction, and use.  New water supply and reservoir construction is not a quick process.  Even [...]

Protecting Profit Margins on Changed Work

Blocking and Tackling.  It’s football season, so a discussion of fundamentals essential to successful performance is worth having.  Sound fundamentals are equally important in football and in business.  The fundamentals of performance and management are vital to success, but because they tend to be basic, they can often be overlooked [...]

Texas Waives Sovereign Immunity

In my previous post on this issue, I discussed HB 586 that was making its way through the 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature.  As it turned out, the bill went through some significant revisions before it was ultimately passed and signed into law by the governor. In outline [...]

Ideas for Dispute Resolution in Real Time

Most construction contracts have some form of mediation provision.  I discussed that provision and some factors for consideration in my last post.  In this post, I'd like you to consider alternative dispute resolution provisions that can help you resolve disputes in real time, or, in the alternative, before engaging in [...]

Dispute Resolution Provisions for Construction Contracts

In my previous post, I commented on arbitration and whether it still deserves to be the go-to procedure for binding dispute resolution in construction contracts.  Carrying that post one step back into the dispute resolution process, parties to construction contracts should also consider the procedures they create for non-binding dispute [...]

Arbitration – Is it Still Right for You?

In construction, the vast majority or contract forms between owners, general contractors, and subcontractors contained arbitration clauses until very recently.  Now that the AIA A101 and A201 no longer have arbitration as the default dispute resolution forum, more construction contracts refer parties to the courts for dispute resolution and litigation [...]