Texas Municipal Procurement Laws – Made Easy

Texas Municipal Procurement Laws - Made Easy

Do you need quick answers to questions about municipal contracting ad purchasing?  There are many individual statutes that govern a city's responsibilities and obligations in the procurement process.  These regulations cover all types of procurement, not just construction spending.

Here is a paper that is currently published on the Texas Attorney general's website.  I, along with three co-authors, wrote this paper.  We've updated it to bring it current through the last legislative session in 2012.  Future updates will follow pending action from the 82nd Legislature in 2013.

Jeff Chapman to present at AIA Construction Contract Seminar

On May 7, 2014 in Austin, Texas Lorman Education Services presents AIA Contracts.  Jeff Chapman will teach a portion of that seminar discussing Negotiation of AIA Contracts from a Contractors Perspective.  The goal of the seminar will be to provide attendees a balanced and complete perspective of negotiating these very [...]

New Water Infrastructure Project

New Water Infrastructure ProjectNorth Texas and the Upper Trinity Water Regional Water District are set to construct the first new water supply reservoir in decades.  This article demonstrates the time required for planning, permitting, approval, construction, and use.  New water supply and reservoir construction is not a quick process.  Even [...]

Texas Construction Trust Funds

Texas Construction Trust Funds The link provided will take you to a short article I had published in Texas Contractor Magazine about the Texas Trust Fund Statute.  That stature is the subject of current debate amongst legal practitioners. In many cases where I represent general contracors against subcontractors on payment [...]

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